La Translatería


  • Information Technology: CRM, ERP, software applications, user and administration guides.
  • Automotive and energy industries: technical manuals, product presentations, web content, marketing materials.
  • Telecommunications: transmission equipment, optical fiber, submarine cable systems,
    terrestrial high-capacity networks.
  • Economics, finance and business: presentations, accounting, agreements, corporate documents, shareholder information, marketing.

  • Graphical user interface, documentation and online help.
  • Images.
  • Web content.
  • Linguistic and functional testing.

  • Terminology consistency.
  • Style adaptation.
  • Typografic and orthographic editing.

  • Official translation certified for the public administration.

I also provide desktop publishing and image and graphical components processing services, so that the translated documents are the same format and layout as the

You can send me the original documents in any format.

All the services provided are subject to a thorough process of quality assurance which takes into account the customer demands and other project requirements.