La Translatería


Each project is different (volume, format, technical content, delivery date). For this reason, it is necessary to perform a detailed study to accurately calculate the applicable rates per case.

Please, send me the details of your project and I will give you an closed quote tailored for you.

Any information you provide me will be handled confidentially and will be used for quotation purposes only.

The following prices are calculated per source word, that is, per word of the original document.

General translation     0.09  Texts without specialized terminology.
Specialized translation0.12Text with specialized terminology, for example, IT, engineering, scientific or financial texts.
Localization0.14Software, website and video games localization. In addition to translation, it implies performing technical tasks.*
Sworn translation0.14Official and certified translation valid in the public administration.

* For localization projects, it is neccesary to calculate a detailed estimate since the adaptation of images, graphic components and code elements must be considered in addition to the number of words. Also, it is critical to perform the functional testing in order to ensure the final localized product functions in the same way as its original. The time and the workload related to such tasks depend on the characteristics of each project.

General translation     35 € 
Specialized translation50 €
Localization55 €
Sworn translation55 € per order       25 € per document

Additional charge for non-editable document (for example, pdf format)   5%
Additional charge for urgency (more than 2,000 words per 24 hours)30%
Each sworn copy of sworn translation20 EUR (+21% VAT)